Antibacterial Bio-Secure Equine Bedding

Naturally Engineered for the Comfort and Health of your Horse
KILLS 99.9% of Bacteria

Equine Bedding

Our Biosorb Anti-Bacterial Equine Bedding is manufactured from superior quality rape straw going through a rigorous process to expose the inner pith, extract the dust and guarantee the best respiratory environment for your horse.
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Bio Secure - Guaranteed

At Martin Farms, we treat our Biosorb Equine Bedding during the manufacturing process to destroy bacteria and spores before the straw is baled. Anti-Bacterial Bio-Security Treatment KILLS 99.9% of Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, & Spores.
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Using Biosorb

Using biosorb is a simple and fuss-free process. To make up an average 12ft x 12ft stable with comfortable, deep bedding, you will need to use around 6 Biosorb bales. Take a look at how we make up a stable and how easy it is to clean.
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Biosorb Anti-Bac Equine bedding

Biosorb Equine bedding is manufactured with the sole purpose of providing you, as a horse owner, the very best in anti-bacterial, superior quality equine bedding for your horse.

Strategically manufactured through a rigorous process Martin Farms produce a bio-safe, incredibly comfortable natural horse bedding to aid in a hygienic and bacteria-free stable.

Using the highly absorbent and incredibly durable inner pith from locally sourced and sustainable rape straw, during manufacturing, we extract the dust and treat our horse bedding with Trus-Steed Stable Guard. This kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, & Spores. Guaranteed.

Our priority is to provide healthy, clean and fresh bedding to aid your horse’s wellbeing and respiratory health. By using Biosorb Equine Bedding, you can work to eradicate unwanted bacteria that cause harmful diseases to your horse and provide a wonderfully clean environment for their stable.

Added to that we want to make sure you can provide your horse with the most comfortable, high quality horse bedding you can find. Biosorb Equine Bedding is soft, durable, bio-safe and naturally biodegradable.

biosorb horse bedding

In short, it is the best night’s sleep you can give your horse.