About Us

Biosorb is a fantastic new product from Martin Farms, with the inspiration coming from Roger and James Martin, who are proud to be the fourth generation of the family to have farmed here in Weeley Heath.

Having reared livestock ranging from poultry to cattle during these years we have acquired an extensive knowledge of their feed and bedding needs. We have supplied the equine community with hay, straw and shavings over many years but more recently realised that a more dust free product was required, which led us to invest in a British made, purpose built, dust extraction plant and concentrate on the bio security aspect with the inclusion of Stableguard in our manufacturing process.

And so Biosorb Anti-Bac Bedding was born.

Because all our produce is produced either on our farm or local farms we are able to keep a check on moisture content and weed control with a very low carbon footprint. This coupled with a second to none service we aim to keep our customers happy with a sustainable, safe, low cost product.

We are proud to have many happy customers who had been waiting eagerly for Biosorb, and now use it regularly. Feel free to contact us either by phone, or simply fill in our form below and we’ll come back to you as soon as we can.