Why is Bio–Security in our Biosorb Equine Bedding so important to your horse?

Purely and simply for safeguarding the health, comfort and well-being of your horse.

Bacteria and spores found in straw can directly cause respiratory problems in your horse. Not only that, Strangles, Ringworm, Mud Fever, Rain Scald and Sweet Itch are a few conditions that you, as an owner know can cause unwanted stress to your horse.

At Martin Farms, we treat our Biosorb Equine Bedding during the manufacturing process to destroy bacteria and spores before the straw is baled.

These bio-security preventative measures are deigned to reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases and in fact go one step further in providing protection against Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, Spores and Vector Carriers such as Flies and Midges.

By using Trus-Steed Stable Guard, you can reduce these from your stable environment and the result significantly benefits the health of your horse.