Equine Bedding

Hygienic, Soft & Ultra-Absorbent

Our Biosorb Anti-Bacterial Equine Bedding is manufactured from superior quality rape straw going through a rigorous process to expose the inner pith, extract the dust and as a result guarantee the best respiratory environment for your horse.

This innovative process, via our specially-designed machinery, of chopping, extracting and using the inner pith from the rape straw, allows us to create a highly absorbent, warm and comfortable horse bedding perfectly suited to your horse.

The result is a soft, fresh horse bedding that is not only more durable and absorbent than conventional straw, but as it is derived from unpalatable rape straw it is perfect for keeping your horse under a naturally controlled diet.

Safe, Antibacterial and Bio-Secure

Bio-Security treating our horse bedding with Trus-Steed Stable Guard means our Biosorb horse bedding offers the safest environment for your horse.

During manufacturing our antibacterial process ensures 99.999% of bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores are killed. This directly reduces the risk of infectious diseases to protect yourself and your horse from harmful bacteria.

By choosing Biosorb Equine Bedding it ensures you have peace of mind that you are directly providing not only a perfectly comfortable environment for your horse, but a stable that is clinically proven to be a safe and bio-secure environment too.