Using Biosorb

To make up an average 12ft x 12ft stable with comfortable, deep bedding, you will need to use around 6 Biosorb bales.

You can do this on the stable floor or use a rubber matting. Make sure the area is clean, free of droppings and any previously wet bedding. We recommend working to around 4”, spreading the bedding out and fluffing it up.

Making it part of your usual maintenance routine, you can mix around 1 Biosorb bale a week with your existing bedding, this should ensure the bedding remains nicely spread out and deep.

Take back the top layer, remove any wet patches and replace with the fresh bedding. The top will stay dry whilst the wet sinks to the base of the naturally absorbent Biosorb bedding. Make sure you fluff up the areas you have cleaned.

It is good practice to daily remove droppings and again fluff up the area of bedding you have cleaned for the comfort of your horse.